31, Northern, Singapore
I am determined, ever ready to learn, never giving up until I get something right and i also like everything I do to be well-organized in addition that, I get on well with all kinds of people.

33, Hamburg, Germany
Einfaches M├Ądchen, das einen Lebenspartner sucht

66, Arizona, United States
I consider my self a honest loving man who made a successful career, My friends thinks i am funny but i think i am just a great guy who knows what he wants and not scared to go for it.

38, Hsinchu, Taiwan
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45, Brest, Belarus
I am a caring , friendly , honest , loyal , trustworthy and a understanding woman

45, Ukraine
I am very close with nature. Also I like going to the cinema, theatre, skating rink and swimming pool.

39, Lasi, Romania
I'm a humble and simple man that understand life because you never can't tell what the feature hold. In all be( good to others)

50, Taichung, Taiwan
Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.

23, Tripoli, Libya
Optimistic, glass half full Babe. Gregarious & outgoing in good company. Responsible with money, but occasionally self indulgent. Down to earth & pragmatic. I take ownership of my life & situation & expect it in others. I like the simple pleasures but appreciate luxury. Not moody, but sometimes introspective.There are two sides to everyone :-) I'm serious but I ...

50, Seoul, South Korea
Adventurous, calm, cool, optimist, perfectly understanding